Definition of assembler in English:



  • 1A person who assembles a machine or its parts.

    • ‘I met crankshaft grinders and engine assemblers who could discuss the ROI of their machine tools.’
    • ‘That meant working closely with engineers and assemblers to build a simple user interface and limit production costs.’
    • ‘But it was seen that many of the local assemblers are of the view that since they provide better after-sales service and better-bundled peripheral schemes they will not loose their market share.’
    • ‘We don't have managers and assemblers, editors and secretaries, surgeons and nurses.’
    • ‘The plant's workforce includes skilled moulders, assemblers and maintenance workers, many of whom are furious at the reports of closure.’
    • ‘Everyone, from secretaries to engine assemblers, can tell you what kind of return their work creates for the company, and the costs of the products they use.’
    • ‘In addition to producing for end-product assemblers, there is also the potential to produce replacement parts, not only for Thailand, but also the region.’
    • ‘For instance, coral polyps amount to natural assemblers as they build their reefs.’
    • ‘The current staff of nine, which includes five product assemblers and a small marketing team, should continue as company operatives.’
    • ‘We do not want someone who'll come in and turn us into an assembler for them.’
    • ‘The regional strategy has focused on recruiting ‘beacon’ businesses of large employers such as car assemblers.’
    • ‘More obvious are the engineers and assemblers housed in those buildings.’
    • ‘China offers auto assemblers and especially component producers hourly wages below $1.00 for skilled workers who are only too happy to accept those wages as the ticket to a middle class lifestyle.’
    • ‘This paper presents the results of a benchmarking study carried out to assess and compare the levels of manufacturing performance achieved by 16 British contract electronics assemblers.’
    • ‘That's probably overstated, but the exploits of the overseas based domestic assemblers do have an excellent track record with product, price, productivity and profitability.’
    • ‘First, teams of assemblers moved from fixed chassis to fixed chassis, or assemblers simply stayed with their chassis while others brought them tools and parts as needed.’
    • ‘The domestic assemblers have run out of options that would produce the cash or lower the costs of production by the billions of dollars needed to stay in the game and create a constant flow of competitive product’
    • ‘Cars initially were produced by teams of skilled assemblers who fit together crudely made components.’
    • ‘This number includes the three two-man engine assembly teams, a full-time head assembler and ‘floating’ person that works two full days a week on head assembly.’
    • ‘The tiny cylinder latch assembly gave the assemblers fits and, in 1906, it was eliminated in favor of a locking bolt in a lug under the barrel.’
  • 2Computing
    A program for converting instructions written in low-level symbolic code into machine code.

    • ‘It came with BASIC, but you could get a cheap assembler anywhere and start exploring exactly which bits did what.’
    • ‘Loading the editor took five minutes; loading the assembler took 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose I could use the DOS debug program as a mini assembler.’
    • ‘As most C Compilers do not provide wrapper functions, this would require an in-line assembler.’
    • ‘Well, if you understand what compilers are, then you probably know what an assembler is?’
    1. 2.1
      another term for assembly language
      • ‘The C programming language is best described as a hardware-independent assembler language.’
      • ‘I chose instead to abandon the assembler and write my own.’
      • ‘The drawback is that for a sophisticated task, this can be like programming an operating system in assembler.’
      • ‘For those who have never looked at assembler, the code will seem a little strange but not for long.’
      • ‘Much of the system was still written in assembler.’