Definition of ass-backwards in English:



North American
  • In a manner contrary to what is usual, expected, or logical:

    ‘I never did like to do anything simple when I could do it ass-backwards’
    • ‘I was no longer attacking the slopes ass-backwards.’
    • ‘The philosophy behind this is that the best way to find fun is by stumbling ass-backwards into it, and what better way is there to stumble than drunkenly?’
    • ‘Basically, you just try stuff until you fall ass-backwards over the solution to the problem.’


North American
  • Contrary to what is usual, expected, or logical.

    • ‘‘This is a sort of ass-backwards way of doing things,’ he added.’
    • ‘The funny thing about this ass-backwards argument is that every time I ask a member of the ad-industry if the critics are right, s/he says yes.’
    • ‘Lyrical bombs are lobbed at the media, at celebrity-saturated culture, the ass-backwards music industry and America's foreign policy.’
    • ‘This ass-backwards law, for some reason, is exclusive to Quebec.’
    • ‘This, I think, is one of the most ass-backwards notions of the modern voter.’
    • ‘Whatever happened, true or false, that movie is ass-backwards.’
    • ‘The world at the moment sees that as ass-backwards.’
    • ‘He managed to convince them that they were going at it ass-backwards.’
    • ‘It's my hope that they'll stumble ass-backwards into some miracle cure for stupidity, thusly reducing my stupid rating by a factor of 5 or more.’
    • ‘The landscaping had been totally redone and everything looked ass-backwards.’
    • ‘What sort of ass-backwards place is this, that it is one of the last two places on earth to permit the execution of children?’
    • ‘To know that before you collect the data is ass-backwards.’
    • ‘And I think it's a little ass-backwards that you have to take your orders from someone who is junior to you in rank.’
    • ‘Naturally, ass-backwards types populating movies from this period see him as some sort of devil child.’
    • ‘Yes, the process is ass-backwards: I want to pay for downloads that I can burn, not burns that I can rip.’
    • ‘I understand where she's coming from, and I respect that, but I think she has it ass-backwards.’