Definition of aspirational voter in English:

aspirational voter


  • A voter whose primary concern is the achievement of personal success and material gain.

    ‘the party will need the support of young aspirational voters in critical marginal seats’
    • ‘These are the so called aspirational voters who are hard working and determined to make the best of their lives.’
    • ‘The middle-class whinger is a close cousin of the aspirational voter in whose hands, the pundits tell us, government lies.’
    • ‘I've long advocated the need for Labor to appeal to the aspirational voter.’
    • ‘Labor made a dramatic shift in policy towards what we now call aspirational voters.’
    • ‘The Liberals will always have more to offer the aspirational voter than does labor.’
    • ‘I consider myself one of these aspirational voters that Mr Howard pretends to champion.’
    • ‘Much of the debate over why Mr Howard won turns on a new political category: aspirational voters.’
    • ‘Much has been made of the aspirational voters of Sydney - much of it true.’
    • ‘The aspirational voter is in fact the old Up-You-Jack punter a couple of steps further up the ladder.’
    • ‘Winning the hearts and minds of these so-called aspirational voters is the door to government.’