Definition of aside from in English:

aside from


North American
  • Apart from.

    ‘aside from gain the commoner motives for murder are anger and jealousy’
    • ‘The others detract, receive value or stand aside from the work of the first group.’
    • ‘It's a an exciting pageant of anniversaries this week, even aside from my own birthday.’
    • ‘What conclusions can be drawn from this aside from that it is wise to get a full night of sleep?’
    • ‘Anna was average looking, aside from her large ears that seemed to stick out a lot to her.’
    • ‘There may be little new here aside from his emphasis on long range planning over short term gains.’
    • ‘Of the eight or so people who were in the room already, only one other kid aside from me was off alone.’
    • ‘I have been through emotional agony in almost every relationship with men, aside from my father and Robert.’
    • ‘His jovial manner and friendly approach sets him aside from all others that ever worked in town.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, it's there and it's giving me no trouble, aside from still being sore.’
    • ‘I remember little of the evening aside from this fact, and am consequently suffering today.’
    • ‘The real beauty of the play, aside from its razor-sharp comedy, is its persuasiveness.’
    • ‘The good thing is, aside from some privacy, you don't have to hear a roommate's snore.’
    • ‘When he opened the wooden doors he was able to see one set of clothes set aside from the others.’
    • ‘The only thing they had in common, aside from playing music, was that they played it too loud.’
    • ‘In fact, aside from the occasional pan of seafood, Jonathan is virtually vegetarian.’
    • ‘A full scale search was launched and thankfully she was found unharmed, aside from suffering from the cold.’
    • ‘Yes, it's a tall building, but aside from that what would make it a notable target?’
    • ‘I don't use transport very often, aside from the occasional trip on one of London's tube trains.’
    • ‘The exhibit spans multiple rooms and displays many works aside from the pop art he is most famous for.’
    • ‘The three acre campsite was completely empty, aside from the one family.’
    apart from, besides, in addition to, over and above, beyond, not counting, leaving aside, barring, other than, but, but for, excluding, not including, without, with the exception of, except, except for, excepting, omitting, leaving out, short of, save, save for
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