Definition of Asianness in English:



  • See Asian

    • ‘This resistance to confrontation and questioning were seen as ways of preserving harmony and inclusivity, which are seen as positive attributes of Asianness.’
    • ‘If they had been, they surely would have been more concerned with religion, and even caste, than mere Asianness.’
    • ‘Examining whiteness teaches us that the myths and stereotypes of whiteness go hand in hand with the myths and stereotypes of blackness, Asianness, or any other ethnicity.’
    • ‘Though she masquerades in the fashions, make-up, and body language of white yuppies, her Asianness and her visceral discomfort read as distinctly as their whiteness.’
    • ‘At the same time, the transpacific migrations within and of Hollywood continue to perpetuate the myth that any marker of Asianness is synonymous with foreignness.’