Definition of ashy in English:



  • 1Of a pale greyish colour; ashen.

    ‘the ashy shadows of the mountains’
    • ‘He had short dark brown hair with bangs that slightly fell over his ashy blue eyes.’
    • ‘If you have blue eyes, swipe on ashy taupe, gray and heather shades.’
    • ‘They were both just staring ahead with these ashy white faces.’
    • ‘The elevator itself was nondescript chrome with hard, ashy brown carpeting.’
    • ‘His dark, ashy hair and unfriendly appearance didn't help the sessions at all.’
    • ‘Though the younger girl's hair was a bright gold, Clara knew that in time the hue would turn ashy, as hers had done.’
    • ‘A smaller cat with ashy fur followed it, mewing softly.’
    • ‘He was tan, toned, and had ashy blonde hair that reminded one of a falling leaf.’
    • ‘She sank to the floor, watching as the green turned an ashy gray.’
    • ‘Great is its seething, like a burning cinder, a grievous thing of an ashy colour.’
    • ‘His hair shone ashy gray, as if he had been through some fire and lived.’
    • ‘About her shoulders was a shawl that seemed at first an ashy gray, but upon closer inspection was revealed to be interwoven with silvery threads and beads, rippling with a watery sheen as she moved.’
    • ‘He discovered that the mishandling of fruit, both in groves and in packing plants, had turned the gold of oranges into a mold of ashy blue.’
    • ‘If you have browns or reds in your furniture, select cooler beige with ashy tones to avoid ‘overheating’ your room.’
    • ‘I lay alone in the darkened bedroom, staring into ashy, cool murkiness.’
    • ‘The view showed that the fog had burned off, and while there were plenty of ashy gray clouds in the sky, the forest was now in perfect view, with its lush green vegetation and majestic trees.’
    • ‘Clouds covered most of the sky, making it look ashy gray.’
    • ‘This time, though, old and new mesh perfectly, all hard greys and ashy blacks, and we believe.’
    • ‘He turned to Karl, his face ashy and covered in sweat, but he was grinning widely.’
    • ‘Hydrated skin looks much smoother, any facial lines are less noticeable, and you look less ashy, tired and lifeless if your skin isn't dry.’
  • 2Covered with, consisting of, or resembling ashes.

    ‘an ashy sediment’
    • ‘The rain trickled down his face, smearing the gray ashy residue.’
    • ‘Daniel ran his finger along the tablecloth, leaving a trail of ashy fingerprints.’
    • ‘Ships in its path were instantly incinerated and reduced to nothing more than superheated gases and ashy cinder.’
    • ‘Smudging an ashy thumbprint on our foreheads he motioned us to sit down and told his disciple to pass us the chilam.’
    • ‘Come Saturday, get the grill going - red hot coals in the middle, white, ashy ones all around.’
    • ‘At the farthest end was a wood partition with a door, and on it was drawn, in charcoal or some other ashy stuff, the outline of a great black bird, its wings spread, its beak gaping open.’
    • ‘Since he had been right in the thick of it, his face and bald dome were nearly completely ashy, and his clothes had bits of white foam on them.’
    • ‘He collapsed onto the ashy ground in a dead faint.’
    • ‘‘You should have pulled that out a few seconds sooner,’ said Bill, trying to spit out the ashy taste in his mouth.’
    • ‘The intensity of burning in this event is visible in both rooms, where patches of reddish gray clay form a matrix with pieces of carbon or black ashy soil.’
    • ‘The flakes were fine and ashy and the sky was this polluted gray color.’
    • ‘She was high above the ashy plains where Joe stood.’
    • ‘He is coming down with an earth-shaking crash as a marsh rabbit scrambles through ashy blackness, racing around destroyed brush like a wasp gone madder.’
    • ‘Tim is humming the melody of some ambiguous rock song and staring at the crumbling, ashy end of the cigarette.’
    • ‘I drank my wine and then sat with the empty glass between my hands, staring into the fire until it died down into a heap of ashy pink coals.’
    • ‘They also taste unpleasantly charred and vaguely ashy.’
    • ‘A concentration of burned clay and ashy soil was found against the west wall of the room, between a projection of the bedrock and a single stone.’
    • ‘There was relatively clear air here, with a low ceiling of roiling, ashy smoke through which flaming missiles broke.’
    • ‘The street was completely melted in places, burned and ashy in others.’
    • ‘The cigarette dangled from the corner of her red-smudged lips, its burnt and ashy tip sending up thin trails of smoke into the already stuffy air.’