Definition of ASDIC in English:



mass nounBritish
  • An early form of sonar used to detect submarines.

    • ‘The asdic operator could also train the oscillator in a horizontal plane and thus the combined system at last made feasible the accurate location of a submerged submarine in terms of both range and bearing from the equipment.’
    • ‘Intent on getting a definite asdic signal before asking for air support, Jakey steered nearer to the Island.’
    • ‘The second Netherlands submarine, K.XI, arrived in Fremantle on March 22, 1945 after spending most of the war as an asdic training submarine for the British and Indian navies.’
    • ‘The creeping attack insured that the first assault would come without warning because the enemy would not pick up the asdic of the first ship right above her.’


First World War: said to be an acronym from Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee.