Definition of ascarid in English:


(also ascaris)


  • A parasitic nematode worm of a family (Ascaridae ) whose members typically live in the intestines of vertebrates.

    • ‘Ascariasis disturbs the upper part of the body, manifesting irritability, and vomiting ascarids after eating.’
    • ‘For a wide-spread disease (such as the non-lethal parasite ascaris) where treatment is cheap and relatively painless for the patient, a cheap and simple diagnostic test is suitable.’
    • ‘Raccoons may be cute, but many of them carry raccoon roundworm, an ascarid that can infect children.’
    • ‘It also is used to eliminate worms (ascaris and pin worms).’
    • ‘Roundworms, also know as ascarids, are transmitted from mothers to nursing kittens or through the cat ingesting eggs or other hosts (such as mice) that are infected with the eggs.’


Late 17th century: from modern Latin Ascaridae (plural), from Greek askarides, plural of askaris ‘intestinal worm’.