Definition of as you do in English:

as you do


  • Used as an ironic comment on a somewhat unexpected statement.

    ‘on the way home I fell asleep in John's car, as you do’
    • ‘A little boy finds a gigantic robot in his back yard - as you do - and has to keep it secret from his mother and the authorities.’
    • ‘Her formerly shy and romantic husband reacts by training as a terrorist - as you do.’
    • ‘He reasoned, as you do, that it was time to get hold of actual badgers - actual as in stuffed.’
    • ‘I only bought this girl a six-pack of Gerberas and a packet of salted peanuts, as you do.’
    • ‘Last night I dreamt that I was having lunch with a couple of friends and Snoop Dog, as you do.’
    • ‘I was idly wondering, you know - as you do, what is the world's largest pickle?’
    • ‘I went to Bowhill near Selkirk to have lunch with The Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch, as you do.’
    • ‘On the plane the other day I found myself - as you do - examining in detail the people around me.’
    • ‘But when they asked me what sort of day I had had at school I just said ‘Fine’, as you do.’
    • ‘I decided to invite a friend I worked with to accompany me to the ballet - as you do.’