Definition of as yet in English:

as yet


  • usually with negative Until now or a particular time in the past.

    ‘the damage is as yet undetermined’
    • ‘With a number of fixtures still to be played, whether this match will be replayed is as yet undecided.’
    • ‘Teachers must be allowed the joy of introducing children to areas of study as yet unknown to them.’
    • ‘There is little sign as yet of the opposition movement forcing the US to alter its policies.’
    • ‘He has as yet had no response from the government or other political parties.’
    • ‘They may be on the verge of an appointment but there's no sign of an announcement as yet.’
    • ‘Officers are currently investigating the complaint and as yet no charges have been filed.’
    • ‘Several proposals have been considered, but as yet no feasible plans are in place.’
    • ‘Some of the leaves at the base of the plant are almost black but newer foliage shows no sign of this colouring as yet.’
    • ‘Britain, for some as yet unexplained reason, chose not to avail itself of this option.’
    • ‘Although there is still a long way to go, and it's a bit early to be thinking of that as yet.’
    so far, thus far, yet, still, even now, up till now, up to now, until now, up to the present time
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