Definition of as opposed to in English:

as opposed to


  • Distinguished from or in contrast with.

    ‘an approach that is theoretical as opposed to practical’
    • ‘What do you see as the challenges on this circuit as opposed to most others?’
    • ‘In terms of this bill, it is important to think about what the bill is not, as opposed to what it is.’
    • ‘It is also a big help to be playing regularly every week as opposed to 12 times a season.’
    • ‘I now follow what is good medicine as opposed to what just makes people happier.’
    • ‘All that this assumes is that we have some grip on the idea of doing what is morally right, as opposed to what is wrong.’
    • ‘He just gave us a diatribe on what there is now, as opposed to what there was in the past.’
    • ‘Why should they be here, together, as opposed to anywhere else on the mussel bed?’
    • ‘The style now is more urban, more freestyle as opposed to obviously choreographed.’
    • ‘Wenger thinks deeply about how to give his players what they need, as opposed to what they want.’
    • ‘Sometimes such optimism leads you to see the world as you wish it were as opposed to how it really is.’
    in contrast with, as against, as contrasted with, as an alternative to, rather than, instead of
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