Definition of as near as in English:

as near as


  • As accurately as.

    ‘as near as can be determined, less than 10 per cent require aid’
    ‘as near as I can tell, privatization doesn't seem to make sense on any level’
    • ‘As near as he could figure, it was built with running water but no toilet.’
    • ‘At about eight or nine o'clock, as near as I could judge by the altitude of the sun, the wind rose suddenly and canted our barge on one side.’
    • ‘As near as he can make out this child must now be thirty-four or thirty-five years of age.’
    • ‘As near as I can calculate the family must have traveled about 1250 miles.’
    • ‘As near as I can tell from the construction, the employers are getting the quality of work they are paying for.’