Definition of as likely as not in English:

as likely as not


  • Probably.

    ‘I won't take their pills, because as likely as not they'd poison me’
    • ‘This is just as likely as not to be due to a badly organised office.’
    • ‘But a speeding motorist can kill an innocent child, and as likely as not, they will only face a small fine, points on their licence ó if they have one ó and a short driving ban.’
    • ‘But in the big picture, it's as likely as not that he's looking to patch, not break, things up.’
    • ‘If you're passing a truck driver on the road today, give them a wave because as likely as not, they'll be mourning the death of a troubadour they called their own, Slim Dusty.’
    • ‘Books on Italian Renaissance prints do not come along very often, and when they do, as likely as not they are catalogues.’
    • ‘Even if somebody out there ends up reading what we write, as likely as not we'll complain that they've missed the point.’
    • ‘Stubborn insistence on such a strategy is as likely as not to end in one's own defeat.’
    • ‘However that may be, people who commit offences of this kind must understand that as likely as not, their lives and livelihood will be disrupted once the offence has been detected.’
    • ‘References to almost every field of knowledge, from archaeology to zoology, are as likely as not to be wrong.’
    • ‘Thus, part one of this book adopts the premise that natural theology shows it is at least as likely as not that there is a God of the sort argued for by classical theism.’