Definition of as it happens in English:

as it happens


  • Actually; as a matter of fact.

    ‘we've got a room vacant, as it happens’
    • ‘This evening, I found myself contemplating The Real World Consultant, who is, as it happens, my brother.’
    • ‘I was, as it happens, offered herbal tea but no one lectured me when I plumped for the caffeine-loaded coffee option.’
    • ‘Now, as it happens, I once worked with one of the radio DJs whose name I've heard bandied about as a suspect over the weekend.’
    • ‘The Potter books actually work for me better as films, as it happens.’
    • ‘And, as it happens, people taking over ruins and renovating them will still be exempt from paying council tax for a year.’
    • ‘So this theory of who is the bad wolf was actually brought up on the other thread as it happens.’
    • ‘I've also recently registered myself in Dorset South, the UK's most marginal seat, as it happens.’
    • ‘Mink, as it happens, are also small, furry and kind of cute-looking.’
    • ‘Keith Burgess-Jackson has just put something up on Aquinas, as it happens.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘groupthink’ will probably set Alex Jones on edge, as it happens to be one of his favourites.’
    as expected, to be sure, in fact, in point of fact, as a matter of fact, in truth, truly, actually, really, in reality, as it happened, as it happens, certainly, surely, for sure, undeniably, veritably, nay, if truth be told, you could say
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