Definition of as from (or of) in English:

as from (or of)


  • Used to indicate the time or date from which something starts.

    ‘as from 1 January, a free market will be created’
    ‘I'm on the dole as of now’
    • ‘He has a fiancée, Julie, and as of a fortnight ago, a son named Christian.’
    • ‘But, as of yesterday, the trust had only 3,000 members, and you have to be a member to invest.’
    • ‘I wandered over to what will be my new desk as of Monday to try it out for size, and see how I felt about the view.’
    • ‘The number of cases at the moment is certainly declining as of this month, on the other hand we have had lulls before.’
    • ‘Boarding schools will also have to pay to be inspected by the government's Care Commission as from next year.’
    • ‘In the absence of agreement as to the date of the payment, payment is to be implied to be on demand as from the date of any tax saving made by the Defendant.’
    • ‘After all this, I was told today that the form has changed as from this month to a new nationwide form.’
    • ‘The train's called the Ghan and it runs from Adelaide through Alice and, as of today, on to Darwin.’
    • ‘So in an effort to start people recycling rubbish, as from Friday, Bristol Bin men will take one wheelie bin full of trash only.’
    • ‘Benefits of the Scheme will only apply as from the date your contributions to the scheme becomes payable.’