Definition of as a rule in English:

as a rule


  • Usually, but not always.

    ‘any architect knows that, as a rule, old buildings are more soundly built than new ones’
    • ‘As I've said above, I've been surprised to learn how poorly paid title designers are as a rule.’
    • ‘Action thrillers contain lots of twists and turns as a rule, usually of a kind we have all seen a dozen times before.’
    • ‘Ellen had always taken a direct approach with her brother, and as a rule there were no secrets between them.’
    • ‘Most men wear pleated trousers, which as a rule, should always have cuffs.’
    • ‘Once a week, as a rule, usually on Sunday, a ship's company was ordered to assemble into their divisions.’
    • ‘Generally, as a rule, it is best to take your herb tea one hour before eating, on an empty stomach.’
    • ‘Young people, as a rule, prefer novelty to conventions, breaking fresh ground to following the beaten track.’
    • ‘One member commented that, as a rule, trippers were a nuisance - they thought they could do as they pleased and go wherever they liked.’
    • ‘Again, Aristotle's notion of the goal of tragedy is odd: do tragedies always, or even as a rule, purge their audience of pity and fear?’
    • ‘The landscapes, as a rule, were depicted as unpeopled, pristine environments.’
    usually, generally, in general, normally, ordinarily, customarily, almost always, for the most part, on the whole, by and large, in the main, mainly, mostly, more often than not, commonly, typically, on average, in most cases
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