Definition of as a general rule in English:

as a general rule


  • In most cases.

    • ‘This doesn't happen in every single case, and not necessarily as speedily and thoroughly as some would want, but it holds well enough as a general rule.’
    • ‘A student may be moved quickly through a literature level to the next hardest level, but it is important, as a general rule, that no levels be skipped.’
    • ‘Very few hotels still have a dress code: as a general rule, smarter places will ask you to wear a skirt or a jacket and long trousers at dinner.’
    • ‘Therefore, as a general rule, greater transparency is usually better.’
    • ‘No, of course I do not take that as a general rule.’
    • ‘During the three years I spent stationed in their country I found them to be, as a general rule, a humble, friendly, and polite group.’
    • ‘But as a general rule, we should strive for what is in a child's best interest.’
    • ‘But as a general rule, such claims are not permitted in Australia.’
    • ‘Pines are woody perennial species with approximately 10 years per generation as a general rule.’
    • ‘I permitted senior students to have some pocket money, but as a general rule, I prohibited all other students from having any money.’
    normally, in general, as a rule, as a general rule, in the general run of things, by and large, more often than not, almost always, in the main, mainly, mostly, for the most part, in most cases, most of the time, predominantly, on the whole
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