Definition of as (or so) the saying goes (or is) in English:

as (or so) the saying goes (or is)


  • Used to introduce or follow an expression, drawing attention to its status as a saying rather than part of one's normal language.

    ‘I am, as the saying goes, burnt out’
    • ‘Many hands make light work or so the saying goes, so imagine just what's possible among 166 community and voluntary groups throughout the county.’
    • ‘Winning isn't everything, so the saying goes, but for a top sports player losing is the worst imaginable outcome.’
    • ‘I figure I could sue you since you accused me in open court and it did go in the newspaper, but I'd rather hear the words straight from the horse's mouth, as the saying goes!’
    • ‘Better late than never, so the saying goes, and no phrase sums up the 2001 tennis season better.’
    • ‘Everyone, so the saying goes, has a book in them; a writer is someone with more than one, and preferably not all about themselves.’
    • ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the saying goes.’
    • ‘If you invent a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door, so the saying goes.’
    • ‘Every cloud has a silver lining - or so the saying goes - but it now seems that every home has one, too.’
    • ‘On St. Patrick's Day, as the saying goes, everybody is Irish, although some people have strange notions of what that means.’
    • ‘Time and again, the musicians prove that - as the saying goes - God is in the details.’