Definition of arytenoid in English:


(also arytenoid cartilage)


  • Either of a pair of cartilages at the back of the larynx, used in the production of different kinds of voice quality (for example, creaky voice)

    ‘the arytenoids obstructed the view of the glottis in seven patients’
    as modifier ‘the anterior portion of the arytenoid cartilage’
    • ‘The middle, conical-shaped pair of corniculate cartilages rest on the apex of the arytenoid cartilages and serve as attachments for muscles that regulate the tension of the vocal cords during speech.’
    • ‘The implant consists of a firm three-tiered base to lock the implant in the cartilage with a softer triangular top, which serves to medialize the paralyzed vocal cord and the vocal process of the arytenoid.’
    • ‘Arytenoid adduction and rotation is another technique that seeks to medialize the vocal process of the paralyzed arytenoid cartilage.’
    • ‘It is particularly important to understand the relationship of the following structures: the epiglottis, arytenoid cartilage, aryepiglottic folds, and cricoid cartilage.’
    • ‘Many small muscles are attached to these, and their action can vary the size of the aperture, by pulling the arytenoids apart or drawing them nearer together, widening or narrowing the ‘V’.’


Early 18th century: from modern Latin arytaenoides, from Greek arutainoeidēs, from arutaina ‘funnel’.