Definition of Arunta in English:


Pronunciation /əˈrʌntə//aˈruːndə/

adjective & noun

  • variant form of Arrernte
    • ‘The last time these two sides met the Arunta ran 38 players off the boundary line in short bursts and eventually wore the Doggies down to win unconvincingly by 14 points.’
    • ‘The Arunta name (also spelt Arunda or Aranda) comes from the Arrernte Aboriginal people of Central Australia, the traditional owners of Mparntwe.’
    • ‘In similar vein, Baldwin Spencer and F. J. Gillen called their 1927 book about the people of the MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia, The Arunta.’
    • ‘In this work, one of the most recent on these four CDs, Priscilla McLean reads creation texts from Babylonia, Greece, and Chaldea, and also draws upon Hindu, Arunta, Zuni, and Occidental cultures.’
    • ‘The Arunta has always been a strong supporter of us in that area,’ Mr Holland said.’