Definition of arty in English:


(North American artsy)


  • Making a strong, affected, or pretentious display of being artistic or interested in the arts.

    ‘television people and arty types’
    ‘a very arty film’
    • ‘The Past Presents The Future is the perfect soundtrack to an arty love story flick about hip kids falling in love.’
    • ‘Even if you have a problem with all of the arty pretension, there's some great drums at the very least.’
    • ‘One imagines an arty, cultured childhood, with a genius typing away furiously at the top of the house.’
    • ‘Punch Drunk Love is quirky and stylish, but not in a manner that comes across as overly artsy or pretentious.’
    • ‘They had arty foreign films playing on big screens throughout the venue.’
    • ‘Their songs sound a tad pretentious and arty now, but you can't go wrong with the music and energy.’
    • ‘There are plenty of visual stunts, but this is always more than an arty display of technical ingenuity.’
    • ‘Rich has swapped daring disco days for mediocre middle-age, a comfort zone of arty films and fruity red wines.’
    • ‘To tell you the truth, I really enjoy going to the cinema and I enjoy going to see the big blockbusters and the smaller, more arty films as well.’
    • ‘Maybe he was afraid his film wasn't yet arty enough for the poseurs at the festivals.’
    • ‘You don't want to be too overambitious and be accused of being pretentious and too artsy.’
    • ‘Bunker is chic and arty without being too pretentious, and its friendly, laid-back vibe is infectious.’
    • ‘I know it might seem a bit pretentious, a bit arty, but to me they are Nordic gods.’
    • ‘I do not usually sit down and watch The English Patient or other such artsy films.’
    • ‘It is not artsy or pretentious, yet it crackles with poetic genius.’
    • ‘She's the one who frequents the repertory cinemas watching obscure, artsy flicks and documentaries.’
    • ‘The film is self-consciously artsy and becomes a little trying at 63 minutes.’
    • ‘Going to see Cirque du Soleil is downright artsy and cultural, and it's fun and exciting.’
    • ‘I suppose somewhere is a foreign film buff who likes artsy films that don't have to mean what they say they mean.’
    • ‘Where am I going to go now to get all those arty, cultured links that make me appear much more well-read and erudite than I really am?’
    cultivated, artistically aware, intellectually aware, artistic, enlightened, civilized, educated, well educated, well read, well informed, learned, knowledgeable, discerning, discriminating, with good taste, refined, polished
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