Definition of artistically in English:



  • 1As regards art or artists; from an artistic point of view.

    ‘the Soviet film industry was artistically limited by outside pressures’
    ‘her home was cosy and so artistically decorated for Christmas’
    • ‘Rembrandt is chiefly responsible for transforming the self-portrait as an artistically innovative form.’
    • ‘His American years were artistically disappointing, and in 1959 he returned to Berlin.’
    • ‘As he matured artistically, the visual content of his murals eclipsed the politics.’
    • ‘I would say it's the most important national cinema artistically outside of Hollywood.’
    • ‘I had to learn realism before I could move on artistically.’
    • ‘In the late 1960s, she started offering painting classes to her artistically inclined neighbors.’
    • ‘It combined a "microcosm of the artistically vital New York scene with the intimacy of summer camp."’
    • ‘She believed that other women might express themselves artistically, too, using flowers as their medium.’
    • ‘The river itself was suddenly becoming the conduit to a culturally thriving and artistically rich environment.’
    • ‘There can be no doubt that three of the most important 19th-century landscapists were linked artistically.’
    1. 1.1 In an aesthetically pleasing way.
      ‘the buildings are artistically lit’
      • ‘A garlic concoction was artistically swirled onto the plate, making a nice contrast with the red of the tomato sauce.’
      • ‘It's a garden where vegetables are grown so artistically that you want to rush home and dig up all your flowers and grow cabbages instead.’
      • ‘You can just as easily chomp on them along with catfish as scatter them artistically over a salad.’
      • ‘I wouldn't dare suggest they build the first attractive-looking, artistically daring public building here since the '60s.’
      • ‘We love this artistically tailored black dress.’
      • ‘Ever eat at a French restaurant and leave unsatisfied because you were served a single shrimp artistically surrounded by unknown greens?’
      • ‘I look to my right and see that full glass, the dew dripping so artistically down its sides.’
      • ‘Here they serve good portions, not a load of artistically arranged scraps.’
      • ‘A fence may seem like a labor-intensive and artistically challenged project, but it doesn't have to be.’
      • ‘The city boasts of wide expanses of artistically rendered potholes interrupted in some areas by stretches of macadam.’