Definition of artificiality in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally.

    ‘vigorous debates about the authenticity of the original and the artificiality of the copy’
    • ‘The coverage of the poker series was handled with much more realism, dispensing with the artificiality of a game-show set.’
    • ‘The artificiality of the laboratory environment loses the context within which aggressive behaviors normally occur.’
    • ‘The eyelashes stiff with mascara make the artificiality and clumsiness of makeup conspicuous.’
    • ‘Your children are the first to recognize it, because they recognize the artificiality of the jewelry you wear.’
    • ‘Recalling the artificiality of Armistice Day lapel poppies, the familiar carnation hovers on a collage of basketballs, light bulbs, and peace signs.’
    • ‘The artificiality of the diamond doesn't seem to suit anybody.’
    • ‘The staged nature is underscored by the artificiality of the light.’
    • ‘Despite the sky's artificiality, one was enveloped by the physical and otherworldly dimensions of the piece.’
    • ‘Just 15 minutes into the movie, we're already tired of the artificiality of the fights and chases.’
    • ‘By making the artificiality of video-based color obvious, this work adds to the examination of how we have become accustomed to artificial light.’
    1. 1.1 The quality of being contrived or false.
      ‘users complain about the artificiality of war games’
      • ‘When specially recorded music and single-camera shooting are used, the artificiality of lip-sync can be well hidden.’
      • ‘Some modern scholars have described the boy players as ironic figures who highlighted the artificiality of gender roles.’
      • ‘The ambiguities resurface in an image of absolutism where obvious falsity and artificiality signify an unworldly godliness.’
      • ‘The visibility of studio props above the women's heads exposes the artificiality of the pose.’
      • ‘If the angel invokes faith, it must share equal time with the vaguely mystical powers of magic, and the explicit artificiality of science fiction.’
      • ‘The focus on the artificiality of those codes means that the actual gender of the actor becomes obscured, and indeed irrelevant.’
      • ‘On those songs, the sound becomes dimensional in an artificial way, and you are aware of the artificiality of it.’
      • ‘He suggests that the artificiality of his faeries is also self-consciously that of Spenser's panegyric poetry.’
      • ‘Her work appears to comment on the genre of landscape painting itself—on the artificiality of the form and its conventional attributes.’
      • ‘Although literary scholars generally date the Enlightenment era from 1660 to 1798, all acknowledge the artificiality of such dating.’
  • 2Insincerity or affectedness.

    ‘he claimed to have been horrified by the artificiality of his actors during the making of his first feature film’
    • ‘He shuns the high-gloss artificiality of big studio productions, preferring a gritty, jittery vision borne of handheld, digital camerawork.’
    • ‘Is it meant to represent the artificiality of the relationships between the characters?’
    • ‘The actress's inexperience adds to the air of artificiality.’
    • ‘It's aim to show the artificiality of celebrity was short-circuited by the slickness of its design.’
    • ‘We feel the artificiality of the political experience and the politician, who finds his way to us only through elaborate staging and multiple lenses.’
    • ‘This is a character filled with saccharine-coated artificiality.’
    • ‘By cloaking these characters with so many layers of artificiality, the movie kills any chance that we will see them as substantive.’
    • ‘Her images explore the illusory boundaries, shallow artificiality, and transitory nature of culture.’
    • ‘Some consider their weakness to lie in their artificiality, a deliberate turning away from reality.’
    • ‘His own prose expressed his criticism of the artificialities of 18th-century society.’