Definition of artificial insemination in English:

artificial insemination

(also AI)


mass noun
  • The medical or veterinary procedure of injecting semen into the vagina or uterus.

    • ‘It is expected that these producers are more likely to utilize artificial insemination to improve the quality of their breeding stock.’
    • ‘Many medical institutes now collect donor sperm for women who want artificial insemination.’
    • ‘The diffusion of artificial insemination in the pork industry has been slower than that of the dairy industry, but its use continues to become more widespread.’
    • ‘The discovery improved the odds that an embryo created through artificial insemination would thrive when implanted in the womb.’
    • ‘Pregnancy rate to artificial insemination was determined from breeding date and subsequent calving date.’
    • ‘The chance of getting pregnant by artificial insemination is increased if the female partner has healthy Fallopian tubes and ovulates regularly.’
    • ‘Over 40 flocks have used artificial insemination.’
    • ‘Many cannot afford to pay their surrogate mother's expenses, let alone the cost of in vitro fertilisation or artificial insemination procedures in a clinic.’
    • ‘Breed groups were managed separately, and matings were performed by artificial insemination and natural service.’
    • ‘Most dairy farmers use artificial insemination.’
    • ‘Some clinics in the UK offer artificial insemination treatment using donor sperm to single women and lesbian couples.’
    • ‘A British brother and sister who were conceived by artificial insemination with donor semen are to launch a test case at the High Court in London to try to find out details of their biological fathers.’
    • ‘The turkey industry relies on artificial insemination to produce nearly 300 million birds annually.’
    • ‘Today I have seen and examined Tracey and found that she is medically fit to receive artificial insemination treatment.’
    • ‘Boars used in pen-mating situations need to be heavier than boars used for hand mating or for artificial insemination.’
    • ‘The couple, who are from the south east of England and do not want to be named, turned to the website after repeated failed attempts at IVF and artificial insemination.’
    • ‘In the U.S., tens of thousands of children are conceived each year through artificial insemination with semen purchased from sperm banks.’
    • ‘Some NHS hospitals offer artificial insemination treatment, but availability is limited and there are often waiting lists.’
    • ‘I have written about alcoholism, drugs and artificial insemination and euthanasia long before they gained focus as sociological issues.’
    • ‘There was no medical need for artificial insemination and his wife would have been able to conceive after his release from prison.’


artificial insemination