Definition of articulated in English:



  • Having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint.

    ‘an articulated lorry’
    ‘the trilobite's thorax has a number of articulated segments’
    • ‘Then France, driving an articulated lorry and trailer, ploughed into the rear of the van, then collided with the parked Range Rover.’
    • ‘The material consists of internal and external molds of one brachial valve and one articulated individual.’
    • ‘An angle joint for connecting two components in articulated fashion includes a joint ball, a cup at least partially surrounding the joint ball, and a liner positioned in the cup.’
    • ‘An almost complete skeleton, including an articulated left lower hind limb, is associated with the skull of SDSNH 36000.’
    • ‘On October 18 an articulated lorry pulled up a large section of the pavement and tore through safety fencing as its driver tried to turn it around.’
    • ‘An articulated lorry, a tanker or a long-distance coach is designed in a very different way from a saloon car, for the simple reason that they all have very different tasks to perform.’
    • ‘The olecranon process of the articulated ulna is broken but is remarkably stout; the anconeal process is not pronounced.’
    • ‘The fossil is an articulated, or connected, spine of a dinosaur and represents an ancient relative of Rugops and other abelisaurids.’
    • ‘As a result, a broad edentulous region would have been present between the two first premaxillary teeth in the articulated snout.’
    • ‘Mr Challinor said agency officials arrived at the site to find 70 full clinical waste bins and an articulated lorry trailer full of yellow bags of clinical waste.’
    • ‘The material was brought to Sheffield earlier this week when leaking barrels were discovered on the back of a stolen articulated lorry trailer which had been dumped in a lay-by in Newark, Nottinghamshire.’
    • ‘It is clear from the well-preserved articulated mandibles of KUVP that the sutural surfaces of the apposed adsymphysials did interpenetrate.’
    • ‘OMNH 55239 is an articulated series of three vertebrae that also lack the neural arches above the transverse processes.’
    • ‘There the articulated skeletons of many extinct mammals have been preserved in a bed of volcanic ash.’
    • ‘Columnals have distinctive morphology when viewed either as articulated sections or as isolated columnals displaying the articular surface.’
    • ‘The wider variety, which occurs in one specimen with an articulated thorax including a thoracic axial spine, has been shown by Boyce to belong to Hillyardina.’
    • ‘The institute also recommended the use of articulated buses to further upgrade the capacity of the buses to 9,600 passengers per hour per direction.’
    • ‘To my knowledge, no herbivorous marine fish families (based on articulated skeletons) have been recorded prior to the Eocene.’
    • ‘Until we have more evidence, and an articulated specimen, we just don't know what to make of this creature.’
    • ‘The nearside trailer wheels of the articulated lorry lifted six inches from the road surface and the load leaned to the offside and into the next carriageway.’
    • ‘The articulated vertebral series collected at OMNH V 1005 are straight and relaxed.’
    • ‘I am glad an articulated lorry or another coach was not coming the other way or else who knows what could have happened.’
    hinged, jointed, segmented
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