Definition of arthrodesis in English:



mass noun
  • Surgical immobilization of a joint by fusion of the bones.

    • ‘If delayed primary repair is not possible, options include the following: 1) leave it alone, 2) flexor tendon graft through the intact sublimis, and 3) arthrodesis of the DIP joint if unstable.’
    • ‘Reconstruction and midcarpal arthrodesis are last-resort procedures that are of questionable benefit to the athlete.’
    • ‘Many anticipate that the devices will make possible a transition from arthrodesis to arthroplasty in the spine, much as occurred for artificial hips during the 1970s.’
    • ‘Also called joint fusion, in arthrodesis your surgeon uses pins to hold your joint in one position.’
    • ‘She was treated by arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis for her osteoarthritic ball and socket ankle.’


Early 20th century: from arthro- + Greek desis ‘binding together’.