Definition of arthritic in English:



  • Affected by or associated with arthritis.

    • ‘She insisted the half-blind, arthritic engineers knew what they were doing.’
    • ‘Here is a lady who has been treated for an arthritic injury.’
    • ‘Eyes down, head bowed, the servant signed his speech with arthritic hands.’
    • ‘He was invalided out of the army with a badly arthritic knee, exacerbated by his injuries.’
    • ‘According to the institute, 50 percent of Americans are clinically arthritic by middle age.’
    • ‘Slowly the hours of pass like an arthritic man peeling an orange.’
    • ‘The process of aging contributes to the occurrence of an arthritic disease called osteoarthritis.’
    • ‘The leaves, curled like arthritic fingers, stayed on the trees.’
    • ‘The best diet for an arthritic patient is a well-balanced nutritious regimen.’
    • ‘Prior to the accident, he had a history of some arthritic condition in his back from playing sports.’


  • A person suffering from arthritis.

    • ‘New Zealand green mussel capsules are beneficial to many arthritics.’
    • ‘The package's design allows seniors, children, and arthritics to pour milk through a front-mounted spout by tilting rather than lifting.’
    • ‘Water-based physical therapy for arthritics is widely practiced and well documented.’
    • ‘Large drug companies can pitch their products directly to angina sufferers, diabetics, or arthritics.’
    • ‘There are 14,000 arthritics in Mayo alone.’
    • ‘Sulfur another mineral that arthritics tend to lack.’
    • ‘Arthritics with a mineral deficiency may benefit from even a small amount of mineral absorption.’
    • ‘Nearly every day, news of another study confirms yoga's benefits for arthritics, asthmatics, depressives, people with HIV or cancer.’
    • ‘I come from a long line of arthritics.’
    • ‘Rest is of greatest importance to arthritics, who should not overdo their work, exercise, or recreational activities.’