Definition of artfully in English:



  • 1In a way that is clever or skilful and also cunning.

    ‘body scanners are turning up artfully concealed items’
    • ‘Three years later, he wrote Skinner a letter artfully contrived to arouse his interest in the painting.’
    • ‘Writers have always known that artfully crafted lies will bring in more readers than boring old fact.’
    • ‘She opens her right hand but artfully conceals the key in her left.’
    • ‘It is an artfully employed strategy that paid off.’
    • ‘Artfully, he suggested that they were becoming "elder statesmen" who needed to bring on a younger crowd.’
    • ‘I take pleasure in solving the problem as artfully as I can.’
    • ‘This sitcom artfully exposes the evil that lies even within a subgroup that is often associated with political liberalism and concern for others.’
    • ‘The sociopolitical commentary, though artfully sublimated to various degrees, seems at least arguably present.’
    • ‘He believed that Aristotle's universe of phantasms could be artfully manipulated to achieve various ends.’
    • ‘The Roman letters are artfully disguised as Chinese ideograms.’
  • 2In a manner that shows creative skill or taste.

    ‘a dish of artfully arranged fruit’
    • ‘They are artfully brought together in decorative groups which sweep through the room.’
    • ‘This stunning new addition in the garden is a whisper of the past artfully staged for the present.’
    • ‘She has artfully woven a portrait of one of the most interesting men alive today.’
    • ‘His photos artfully communicate the perception of depth we experience in walking around an actual sculpture.’
    • ‘It showcases the range of eclectic materials and design concepts he brings to bear in producing his artfully realized home furnishings.’
    • ‘Four wrecked cars were artfully strewn along the roadway, doors buckled, windshields smashed, engines crumpled.’
    • ‘It's an artfully crafted French romantic comedy with just a touch of drama to keep the viewer slightly in suspense.’
    • ‘In my films, I've always tried to artfully "mash up" genres.’
    • ‘Water artfully cascades along a steel sculpture of migrating salmon to the waiting plants.’
    • ‘He occasionally arranges his characters in artfully staged tableaux or still photos.’