Definition of artesian basin in English:

artesian basin


  • A geological structure in which water is confined under pressure.

    ‘cattlemen were drawing water from an artesian basin underneath the parched inland plains’
    • ‘It was argued that the Artesian basin below Australia could be tapped for water.’
    • ‘The kinetic energy contained within the water of the Great Artesian Basin aquifer is estimated to be sufficient to power a quarter of the east coast's power needs.’
    • ‘Early white records also spoke of a tribe of men over two metres tall living in south-west Queensland, where water from the Great Artesian Basin used to bubble forth in springs.’
    • ‘Blackall was the first town in Queensland to attempt tapping the great artesian basin for a town water supply.’
    • ‘That artesian basin is where we get our drinking water from.’
    • ‘The report consists of a number of maps and plates relating to artesian basins in New South Wales.’
    • ‘The people of Alice Springs would be bordering on furious that nuclear waste could be dumped 30 kilometres from their town, which of course sits on the Artesian Basin.’
    • ‘Does that mean they are just going to pump more from the artesian basin to compensate?’
    • ‘Nuclear waste dumps get put in quickly and with little consideration for water-tables and the artesian basins far below.’
    • ‘There's also the threat to Kowanyama's water supplies caused by alarming falls in the pressure of the artesian basin.’