Definition of artel in English:


nounPlural arteli, Plural artels

  • (in pre-revolutionary Russia) a cooperative association of craftsmen living and working together.

    • ‘60% of the Koryaks had joined co-operatives and artels by 1940 when collective farms came into existence.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the artels and consolidated villages became permanent settlements.’
    • ‘Unless these conditions are fulfilled, we consider any assistance given to the artels and the co-operatives not only useless, but definitely harmful.’
    • ‘Producers' cooperatives in the form of artels were already part of Russian tradition; what was new was the sudden popularity of marketing and purchasing cooperatives.’
    • ‘The main task of the artels was to restore and to recover the wood-processing industry and to provide future product development.’


From Russian artelʹ.