Definition of artefactual in English:



  • See artefact

    • ‘Two others exploit the artifactual conditions that people create where they build their towns and villages.’
    • ‘The emphasis is on the visceral, the emotive, and the artifactual; the museum personalizes history, encouraging visitors to identify with and put themselves in the place of the victims.’
    • ‘Road to Perdition is probably too detached, too self-consciously artefactual to glamorise anything very much.’
    • ‘While most mussel harvests took place at residential sites where a range of activities are represented, artifactual and vertebrate remains indicate a shift to nonresidential mussel processing stations after A.D.800.’
    • ‘Subsequent work in 2002 revealed the presence of preserved ecological, artifactual, and structural remains in undisturbed stratigraphic context associated with the Fort St. Joseph community.’