Definition of art form in English:

art form


  • 1A conventionally established form of artistic composition, such as the novel, sonata, or sonnet.

    ‘the novel became the greatest art form of the nineteenth century’
    ‘people who view pop music as an art form’
    • ‘The industry makes lots of money, without having to worry at all about the quality of film as an art form.’
    • ‘Writing that, it occurs to me that film is the one art form that can fully flood one's senses.’
    • ‘Opera as an art form is in a rather awkward position in modern China.’
    • ‘He does not accept that opera is an elitist art form or that it should be scaled down in a bid to reduce the cost.’
    • ‘Nowadays we look back in horror, realising that film is an art form, possessing its own history.’
    • ‘Like photography, video is an art form of which digital is simply the latest format.’
    • ‘Milne says her route to success as a soloist gives the lie to frequent claims that opera is an elitist art form.’
    • ‘Opera is the art form of the privileged classes, perfected on royal stages over three centuries.’
    • ‘As a metallurgical art form, the lost-wax technique is one of the oldest and most advanced.’
    • ‘No such illusion bedevilled the artifice of the opera, the equivalent art form of the late seventeenth century.’
    • ‘It was in the Renaissance that personal portraiture first became an art form in its own right.’
    • ‘The radio play became an art form in its own right and attracted novelists and poets as well as dramatists.’
    • ‘It is now a minor art form and the very best artists no longer paint portraits.’
    • ‘His respect for the novel as an art form means he spent four years on this one, and feels he is a success.’
    • ‘The theme of Mr Cousins' review is that I pay too much attention to film as a business and have nothing much to say about film as an art form.’
    • ‘I believe film criticism has its own legitimate place as a literary art form.’
    • ‘Those who denigrate cinema, dismissing it for its mass appeal, refuse to see film as an art form.’
    • ‘Conceptual art is an art form in which the idea is paramount.’
    • ‘The graphic novel is an art form on a par with pulp fiction.’
    • ‘Why can't they see movies as an art form rather than just another piece of entertainment?’
    1. 1.1 Any activity regarded as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression.
      ‘he elevates stage managing to an art form’
      • ‘There are many people I know and respect who discuss fashion as a vital art form.’
      • ‘Christa was good at making Chandra feel pathetic, she had it down to an art form.’
      • ‘Which is too bad, because we race in all these fantastic places where great food is truly an art form!’
      • ‘The Americans have raised customer complaints to a true art form.’
      • ‘In fact, a visit to the Magic Kingdom is to witness crowd control performed as an art form.’
      • ‘These kids have taken anger, oppression, and fear of crime and turned them in to an art form.’
      • ‘Elegant and complex cuisine matched with just the right wine raises dining to an art form.’
      • ‘In the process, violence becomes an art form, which Abbott compares to bull-fighting.’
      • ‘Creating presentations is an art form in which many professionals have not been trained.’
      • ‘One of the finest examples in the world of lighting as an art form is Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico.’
      • ‘They don't know you so they have made an art form of creating instant trust relationships.’
      • ‘It's become a rolling apology, which may be a new uniquely English art form of my own invention.’
      • ‘Metallica fans are the kind of people who made playing air guitar an art form.’
      • ‘In the past five years, however, the process has become an art form, particularly at federal level.’
      • ‘It appears that industrial sabotage was as much of an art form in Tasmania in those days as legging it is in Thailand today.’
      • ‘With all of the different materials that are now available staying warm is turning into a bit of an art form.’
      • ‘And Nintendo are making games because they care about the art form, not money, right?’
      • ‘Teaching creative writing is an art form that must be reserved for those who are talented.’
      • ‘We understand how to influence behavior as an art form, and we do it damn well.’
      • ‘Rickey made an art form of doing more with less money than any general manager in baseball annals.’
      • ‘If controversy were an art form, Julian Spalding would surely be its Leonardo.’


art form