Definition of arsine in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A poisonous gas smelling slightly of garlic, made by the reaction of some arsenides with acids.

    Alternative name: arsenic trihydride; chemical formula: AsH₃

    • ‘Since the explosion yesterday morning, which jammed a main cargo door shut, gases including hydrogen, phosphine and arsine, a derivative of arsenic, have started venting from the cargo hold.’
    • ‘The suspected gasses in the SIDS deaths were; arsine from arsenic, phosphine from phosphorus, and stibine from the element antimony.’
    • ‘No effects of airborne arsenic, gaseous arsine, and arsenic loading on arsenic levels were observed.’
    • ‘Perhaps arsine is formed through the reactions between element arsenic and cleaning agents used in the cleaning process.’
    • ‘Some of the chemicals - including caustic hydrogen fluoride and deadly arsine gas - are toxic, and the fossil fuel consumed contributes to global warming, says Williams.’


Late 19th century: from arsenic, on the pattern of amine.