Definition of arrow-straight in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Completely straight.

    as adjective ‘the roads are empty and arrow-straight’
    as adverb ‘an index leads you arrow-straight to documents of interest’
    • ‘Looking back the way I had come I could see the fen road stretching out into the distance, arrow-straight and open to the sky on all sides.’
    • ‘Tested on the arrow-straight and very smooth roads of Jordan, the car seemed to be everything you would expect from France's most profitable car builder.’
    • ‘The arrow-straight flight of the ball, the compact athleticism of these men as they flung it, were things to behold.’
    • ‘But what else can you do with 20 miles of arrow-straight road and nothing man-made in sight?’
    • ‘At the Gate House we strolled a short length of the arrow-straight four-mile avenue and entered Brandrith Wood.’
    • ‘Ancient Rome built arrow-straight highways to rush troops and goods to the ends of its earth, and to the centre of its universe.’
    • ‘They are the ones with arms arrow-straight in the air for the full 60 minutes, desperately seeking an outlet for the moral certitude that will otherwise consume them.’
    • ‘The berry-red blossoms cling to 3-foot, arrow-straight stems.’
    • ‘The roads are arrow-straight, like the unswerving grids on a sheet of graph paper.’
    • ‘Dad was piloting the family car down an arrow-straight section of Outback highway, sitting comfortably on about 130 kph.’
    • ‘The section between London and Canterbury was almost arrow-straight, and Chaucer's pilgrims (of whom more tomorrow) would have journeyed along what was left of this ancient road more than a thousand years later.’
    • ‘I know this because I have the same type of hair - fine, arrow-straight, and tending to the lifeless when long.’
    • ‘Ancient moats and castles, battlefields and medieval field systems, barrows and ancient mine-workings, arrow-straight roads that date back to Roman times - all hint at the people that trod this green and pleasant land before us.’
    • ‘But my favourite bit wasn't the statues, it was the arrow-straight footpath that stretched between them.’
    • ‘Rome resonates so strongly, you can still almost hear the crunch of its army on its arrow-straight roads.’
    • ‘The Dwarvenhame Tunnel measured ten leagues east to west, and it covered that distance in an arrow-straight line.’
    • ‘The Limehouse Cut is an arrow-straight channel direct from Bow Locks to Limehouse, less picturesque and eerily quiet.’
    • ‘Within minutes fifteen or so city guards mounted on llamas were flanking us as we made our way along the arrow-straight boulevard leading straight to the heart of the city.’
    • ‘Instead, we aimed down an arrow-straight track with full-on views south to the level horizon of the Wolds escarpment.’