Definition of arrester in English:


(also arrestor)


  • 1A device which prevents or stops a specified thing.

    ‘a spark arrester’
    • ‘Florida's Peak 10 Technology Gateways learned that in May 2002 when a failed lightning arrestor triggered a series of equipment problems that took down the Jacksonville Electric Authority.’
    • ‘The arrester serves to immobilize the head during feeding or when the dragonfly is in tandem flight.’
    • ‘Typically, chimney sweeps will begin with a physical inspection of your fireplace or wood stove, the chimney or flue pipe, the spark arrestor and any other components of the system.’
    • ‘PC James Hare told deputy coroner John Sleightholme that shortly after the incident he spoke to maintenance worker Eric Butters, who was called to the ride when one of the cars failed to climb an incline and was held by a roll-back arrester.’
    • ‘He should have climbed up the track and pushed one car clear of a roll-back arrester, where it had stopped after failing to climb a hill.’
    • ‘To this end, riveted sections, known as crack arresters, were incorporated in some of the wartime ships so that, if a brittle failure did occur, it would not propagate completely through the structure.’
    • ‘Thoms said that was largely dealt with by replacing the surge arresters, installing screens in the signalling equipment cabinets to help prevent electromagnetic interference and making changes to the hardware and software systems.’
    • ‘With the engine off and the battery disconnected, remove the flame arrestor and inspect the carburetor.’
    • ‘The fatal accident occurred when one car failed to climb an incline and became trapped on a roll-back arrester nearly 40 ft from the ground.’
    • ‘A two-stage approach to protection is recommended: a surge arrestor at the electric service entrance; a point-of-use surge suppressor for especially vulnerable or valuable electronic equipment.’
    • ‘Equip chimneys and stovepipes with a spark arrester meeting National Fire Protection Association Code 211 (contact your local fire department for exact specifications).’
    • ‘Fortunately, it is easy to meet the spark arrestor requirements of NFPA 211 by caulking wire mesh to the top of a chimney pot.’
    • ‘This is to say that cable, connectors, grounding kits, lightning arrestors, and other non-radiating components would not affect signal transmission at all.’
    • ‘Caps also function as spark arrestors, preventing sparks from landing on the roof or other nearby combustible material.’
    • ‘New signs are being made for the road in the area and a pamphlet outlining the position and the way to use the two arrester beds on the pass down to the bridge will also be distributed during the operation.’
    • ‘Subtle changes have been made to give the operating stock a more correct historic appearance-the C&S-style bear-trap spark arrestors have already thankfully been banished from the operating engines.’
    • ‘Chimneys must be insulated properly A spark arrestor on top of the chimney will protect your roof.’
    • ‘Although a law as early as 1883 required smokestacks to be equipped with primitive spark arresters, one train in 1908 kept two fire rangers busy suppressing nineteen fires it started in a single day.’
    • ‘They include spark arresters, small-mesh screens, and leg levelers (for uneven patio surfaces).’
    • ‘Make sure the condition of the spark arrestor on top of the chimney is inspected so that there are no tears in the fabric that would allow embers to escape.’
    • ‘Some 660HP units, long overdue overhaul, were equipped with stack arrestor and roof-mounted deflectors in an attempt to offset exhaust fumes in the cab.’
    1. 1.1 A device on an aircraft carrier that slows down aircraft after landing by means of a hook and cable.
      • ‘An arrestor hook was flush-mounted under the rear fuselage.’
      • ‘The vehicle is robustly built for carrier take-off and landings and uses a conventional wheeled take-off and landing with an arrestor hook.’
      • ‘The US Navy ‘carrier variant’ aircraft will use catapults and arrester wires to get airborne and return - the system currently used by American and French carriers, and familiar to RN aviators before the current Invincible-class ships.’
      • ‘Two parallel beams between the tail hook and the forward landing gear form the keelson structure which provides structural strength to withstand repeated loading of carrier catapult launches and arrester landings.’
      • ‘The USS Long Island was this country's first escort carrier and when it was commissioned in mid-1941, its air wing consisted of a dozen Seagulls fitted with land gear and arrestor hooks with the new designation SOC - 3A.’
      • ‘The flight deck is equipped with arrester wires.’
      • ‘Just twelve F7F - 4Ns were built and this variant had a strengthened airframe, stronger landing gear, new radar and arrester gear for carrier operations.’
      • ‘The large central float smoothly merged into the fuselage and an arrestor hook was fitted under the lower portion of the rear fuselage.’
      • ‘A folding wing was designed for carrier use while the rear fuselage was strengthened to handle the arrestor cable hook.’
      • ‘There was an immediate response from across the base, including maintenance personnel from the Combat Support Unit, who manned an arrester cable on the runway to provide quick release for the jets if they needed it.’
      • ‘Bolter pattern refers to situations when an aircraft comes into land, is all lined up, and misses all four wires with the arrestor hook; then the aircraft has to take off immediately, go around, and try again.’
      • ‘The Air Boss and Mini Boss work next to each other, each having an identical control panel - the Air Boss controls the rear catapults and arrestor wires while the Mini Boss looks after the bow catapults.’