Definition of arrestable offence in English:

arrestable offence


  • An offence for which there is a fixed mandatory penalty or which carries a sentence of at least five years' imprisonment (e.g. theft).

    • ‘He pressed for legislation making it an arrestable offence to carry an imitation gun or air weapon in public.’
    • ‘Breaching the banning order is an arrestable offence carrying a possible six-month jail sentence and a £5,000 fine.’
    • ‘Further, his detention was unlawful, not being founded upon reasonable suspicion of the commission by the Claimant of an arrestable offence.’
    • ‘Breaching this injunction is an arrestable offence carrying up to 5 years in prison.’
    • ‘Other measures put forward for public consultation include making common assault an arrestable offence and breaches of non-molestation orders a criminal offence.’


arrestable offence