Definition of Arrernte in English:


Pronunciation /aˈruːndə//əˈrʌntə/


  • 1A member of an Aboriginal people of central Australia.

    • ‘Strehlow indicates that Luritja is a name applied by the Arrernte to all Western Desert speakers.’
    • ‘The small resort, in one of Australia's most beautiful locations, is owned by the Ngurratjuta Corporation, whose activities include investing royalties from nearby oil and gas fields on behalf of Western Arrernte.’
    • ‘The spirit or soul of a person is called inke or kwerrene in Western Arrernte.’
    • ‘Time has also broadened perspectives on the life story of Strehlow, who once audaciously described himself as the last of the Arrernte.’
    • ‘The elements brought to it by the Arrernte at Santa Teresa infused the rite with an unfamiliar vitality.’
    • ‘His arrest in 1958 for supplying alcohol to a fellow Arrernte showed the limits of that status.’
    • ‘Among the Western Arrernte in central Australia, it became over time the resource base for an outstation complex numbering around 40 sites with their organisational hub, the Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre.’
    • ‘Given his unique position as adopted insider, it is helpful to read Theodore Strehlow on the idea of the guest among the Northern Arrernte, as he found it in the 1930s.’
  • 2mass noun The language of the Arrernte, now with fewer than 2,000 speakers.

    • ‘But his Catholic confessor, who happens to speak Stuart's native language, Arrernte, has doubts.’
    • ‘TGH Strehlow does not offer an expression in Western Arrernte for this type of pmere kwetethe spirit.’
    • ‘She speaks Pintupi-Luritja, Western Arrernte and Pitjantjatjara.’
    • ‘The town is the home of the Hermannsburg choir, a group of women who sing in Arrernte and travel widely to appear at events in Central Australia.’
    • ‘These include specific features in the landscape, the body designs produced for ceremony and the incised ceremonial objects referred to in Arrernte by the term tywerrenge.’
    • ‘It's debatable whether the language Veronica Dobson speaks, the old Arrernte, will survive. ‘When the old people die it will die with them,’ she told me.’
    • ‘This means that large slabs of the text, transcribed from recorded interviews, are in Arrernte (followed by translations) and in his idiosyncratic Aboriginal English.’
    • ‘There are five Arrernte language dialects: South-Eastern, Eastern, North-Eastern, Northern and Central.’


  • Relating to the Arrernte or their language.

    • ‘Wait says she did not want to do ‘a sad story ‘and that the centrality of the design is a tribute to the aesthetic structures employed by Eastern Arrernte artists.’’
    • ‘Senior Arrernte woman Rosalie Riley spoke from an Indigenous perspective, accusing the Howard Government of preying on people's fears of the unknown.’
    • ‘However, with an Act of Parliament they created ‘a special shrine not so much to Arrernte people but to Strehlow‘.’
    • ‘Most of the target group are Arrernte children.’
    • ‘Research on Arrernte society has been preoccupied with the mythology and traditions dealing with the ancestral beings and associated ceremonies.’
    • ‘The council is the trustee for the Todd River ‘but now it's a three way authority, the council, the government and Arrernte people‘.’
    • ‘Protest from Aboriginal groups about the centre has died down as its management has established workable protocols that allow Arrernte people exclusive access to various items in the collection.’
    • ‘More than 40 years after the event, Max Stuart's status within the community had risen to become one of the most senior Arrernte leaders and a former Chairman of the influential Central Land Council.’
    • ‘The possibility of mining activity in the park prompted the Central Land Council to lodge a native title claim last year on behalf of Arrernte people who are the traditional owners of the area.’
    • ‘She married Arrernte man David Miller when she was 24 and had to leave her job when she became pregnant with their first child.’
    • ‘It suggests their symmetrical structure, often based on a central motif surrounded by two or four other motifs, is related to the structural principle underlying the relationship of Arrernte people to their land and to each other.’
    • ‘The Western Arrernte landscape, made famous by his forebear Albert Namatjira, figures strongly in some recent songs.’
    • ‘The Arrernte people have for quite a while now felt quite angry at what's happening to their land.’
    • ‘Tahnia has always loved Alice Springs, and has her large Arrernte family here to encourage and guide her.’
    • ‘An Aboriginal drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Alstonville, named in honour of Arrernte artist Albert Namatjira, re-opened its doors recently following a $150,000 refurbishment.’
    • ‘How did Arrernte people keep their babies warm on freezing nights?’
    • ‘Spencer and Gillen's findings were the regional differences on Arrernte territory.’
    • ‘Traditional Arrernte people should have a far greater involvement in the decision making process and meetings should be held in Arrernte language.’
    • ‘The group of Arrernte artists working at the Irrkerlantye Learning Centre have had several successful exhibitions since 1996.’
    • ‘The NT Government and native title holders are about to start talks aimed at creating hundreds of building blocks in Alice Springs, and giving the Arrernte elders a stake in the town's economy.’


The name in Arrernte.