Definition of arpeggiator in English:



  • See arpeggiate

    • ‘Besides bringing all the instruments together, it really makes the vocals work, which had seemed super free-floating and unstructured in the previous section, lacking as it did either a kick or a regular organ arpeggiator.’
    • ‘The synth section includes chord memory (great for live vocoding) and an arpeggiator.’
    • ‘Two envelope generators are present, along with an arpeggiator that works in a monophonic, duophonic or polyphonic fashion in four different modes.’
    • ‘More than an arpeggiator, you can sequence custom patterns of up to 16 events.’
    • ‘The virtual version gives us two oscillators, four filters, two LFOs, four ADSR envelopes, two VCAs, a suboscillator (an LFO dedicated to vibrato), an arpeggiator, a stereo delay, a chorus and a ring modulator.’