Definition of aromaticity in English:



  • See aromatic

    • ‘The low aromaticity of bayou HMW-DOC may reflect the influence of low-oxygen conditions, which inhibit the decomposition of particulate aromatic macromolecules such as lignin and humic material to HMW-DOC.’
    • ‘Any tautomerism in PY74 between the azo and hydrazone forms would not involve loss of aromaticity, as with the azobenzenes or azonaphthols mentioned above, where the azo tautomer would be favored.’
    • ‘In particular, we have found classes that are more clearly defined by the electric charge (D, E), or by the aromaticity (F, Y).’
    • ‘The wavelength of 272 nm is also used in aromaticity studies for the characterization of aquatic organic solutes.’
    • ‘I'm thinking of concepts such as the chemical bond, a functional group and the logic of substitution, aromaticity, steric effects, acidity and basicity, electronegativity and oxidation-reduction.’