Definition of aromatically in English:



  • See aromatic

    • ‘Orange Peel and Agastaches aromatically and fragrantly arouse the stomach and eliminate dampness.’
    • ‘Each day they reeled in twisting, writhing, living things that scant moments later were sizzling aromatically on a hot skillet, devoured with that sense of awe and gratitude that comes with being a part of nature.’
    • ‘And of course there's the chocolate, wafting aromatically down every side street, chronicled in the city's chocolate museum, moulded into all manner of improbable and suggestive shapes in mouth-watering window displays.’
    • ‘I think the stones on her bracelet are called ‘hermatite'. I bought some extremely over-priced musk incense sticks and one of them is burning, aromatically, right now.’
    • ‘A rich brown broth, aromatically seasoned, was well-peppered with chunks of at least three kinds of fish, one of which was salmon.’