Definition of arnica in English:



  • 1A plant of the daisy family that bears yellow, daisy-like flowers, native to cooler regions of the northern hemisphere.

    Genus Arnica, family Compositae: many species, especially mountain tobacco (A. montana) of central Europe

    • ‘Among the wildflowers are a wild geranium, an aster with smooth stems and leaves, leafy arnica, yellow monkey flower, meadow rue, and bluebells.’
    • ‘As we climb, the maze of trees, ferns, and blueberry bushes gives way to subalpine meadows painted with purple lupine, pale blue gentians, crimson columbine, and yellow arnica.’
    • ‘Researchers have isolated two powerful antioxidants from arnica that help protect tissues from oxidative stresses.’
    • ‘Beneath the dead trees, the forest floor is awash in fresh grasses and sporadic thick blooms of lupine, arnica, penstemon, and other wild flowers.’
    • ‘Links lead to arnica, otherwise knows as Leopard's bane, a daisy that is a narcotic and stimulant used to treat bruises, found in the mountains of Europe.’
    • ‘The first is a European plant, arnica montana, the homeopathic preparation of which has now been shown by Exeter University, to be useless, despite endorsements by several attractive actresses.’
    • ‘Derivatives of plant leaves, flowers, stems, berries, fruits and roots account for about half of those available including some of the better known - arnica and belladonna.’
    • ‘And one correspondent last week was recommending the herb arnica for her bruises - as though MacArthur could pop out to a chemist and get some.’
    • ‘Brown-faced golden daisies bobbed in the gentle breeze; smaller arnicas vied with the fledgling's feathers for sunny brilliance.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A preparation of the arnica plant used medicinally, especially for the treatment of bruises.
      • ‘‘If you broke your leg in a snowboarding accident, arnica would be a great thing to take to relieve pain and support the healing process,’ Watkins says.’
      • ‘We receive numerous testimonials every day, both here at Nelsonbach and in our homeopathic pharmacy, from consumers who have been delighted with the results arnica offers.’
      • ‘If the child is very uncomfortable and restless, wet a washcloth with tepid water and arnica tincture (you should be able to find this at your local natural foods store or vitamin shop) or lemon juice.’
      • ‘For bruising and swelling after a fall, arnica is a popular and established choice.’
      • ‘I wouldn't go to a homeopath if I needed a hip replacement, but I would take arnica and drink comfrey tea to help me recover afterwards.’
      • ‘There's no research to say which methods are most effective but some women find that ice packs, warm baths, and herbal remedies such as calendula cream or arnica can be helpful.’
      • ‘For strained muscles, tendonitis, inflammation and bruises, arnica - also known as Arnica montana or mountain daisy - is extremely effective.’
      • ‘British researchers are divided as to the power of arnica, often prescribed by homeopaths for musculoskeletal pain.’
      • ‘Two days before going to hospital, I recommend the client begins a course of arnica homeopathic remedy to lessen the bruising, swelling, and soreness.’
      • ‘In between treatments, apply arnica gel to the injury site.’
      • ‘Skin creams containing vitamin C or arnica can also help bruises heal.’
      • ‘Topical arnica products, which are also useful for treating bruises, may be used as an alternative to horse chestnut extracts and are also widely available.’
      • ‘Cold or heat packs may help relieve pain and swelling, and some people find that the natural anti-inflammatory arnica will bring relief, taken as tablets or rubbed into the body as a cream.’
      • ‘Other companies, like Neal's Yard Remedies, go the homeopathic route, using natural substances like arnica.’
      • ‘He returned with a piece of cloth smeared with arnica ointment to keep the bruise at bay.’
      • ‘They use only the most natural formulas; their instant refreshing gel contains soothing arnica, birch and camphor to revitalise tired legs.’
      • ‘But next time your dentist needs to drill your teeth are you going to decline the anaesthetic and ask for an arnica tablet instead?’
      • ‘On the massage table, she massaged my body with arnica gel, starting on my upper back and shoulders, where I am prone to pain and tightness.’
      • ‘The act of rubbing it in may well be soothing, but in four placebo controlled trials arnica was found to be no more effective than the placebo.’
      • ‘Use of 26 types of homeopathic medicines was reported, with the most frequently used being arnica.’


Mid 18th century: modern Latin, of unknown origin.