Definition of army worm in English:

army worm


  • Any of a number of insect larvae which occur in destructive swarms.

    • ‘The newly seeded alfalfa has plant bugs and potato leafhoppers and established alfalfa has army worms, alfalfa loopers, thistle caterpillars, and variegated cut worms.’
    • ‘From alfalfa weevil larvae and adults to army worms, cloverworms, cutworms, and alfalfa caterpillars to all sorts of aphids, some form of pest seems to be almost everywhere.’
    • ‘We controlled army worms by doing a two-ring perimeter around the fairway instead of spraying the whole fairway.’
    • ‘A gene that codes for a single myosuppressin FLRFamide has been found in Drosophila, the cockroach Diploptera punctata, and the true army worm Pseudaletia unipuncta.’
    • ‘They are studying which plants a beet army worm prefers for egg laying.’