Definition of armoured personnel carrier in English:

armoured personnel carrier


  • An armoured military vehicle used to transport troops.

    • ‘After the explosion other soldiers arrived in Bradley fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers.’
    • ‘Army trucks, armoured personnel carriers and jeeps mounted with anti-aircraft guns were left, some burning and others smoking on the main road leading to the Dora power station and nearby side-streets.’
    • ‘Infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and tanks can be used to evacuate them.’
    • ‘The evacuation is conducted in daylight, using armored personnel carriers that bring daily supplies to the front.’
    • ‘Last week, Israeli troops in an armoured personnel carrier allegedly shot American Bryan Avery, aged 24, in the face.’
    • ‘James' family has long been fighting for justice. They point out it took 11 weeks for the guns held by the troops in the armoured personnel carrier to be handed over for inspection.’
    • ‘Roving tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces, and mortars are key to enhancing the aggressiveness of defense.’
    • ‘Military armored personnel carriers and trucks prowled the city and its vicinity as officials appealed to residents to remain indoors and keep their homes locked.’
    • ‘If no landing craft are carried then the additional space in the docking bay allows a total of 53 tanks or 80 armoured personnel carriers to be transported.’
    • ‘Battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other assorted military vehicles headed north and the lights of Iraq could be seen in the distance.’
    • ‘It remains a very useful weapon since it can be mounted in high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicles and M113-series armored personnel carriers.’
    • ‘They say combat engineers need a faster, more powerful fleet of tactical construction equipment, dedicated haul vehicles and armored personnel carriers.’
    • ‘Realizing the vulnerability of more than 100 fellow soldiers, SFC Smith quickly organized a hasty defense consisting of two platoons of soldiers, one Bradley fighting vehicle and three armored personnel carriers.’
    • ‘Transportation elements consisted of trucks, jeeps, and armored personnel carriers.’
    • ‘A landing craft disembarks armoured personnel carriers from 3/4 Cavalry Regiment, Townsville, as part of the Blue Force amphibious assault on the Shoalwater Bay training area.’
    • ‘For a second day in a row Palestinian protesters threw stones at Israeli vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers and jeeps, in the streets outside Arafat's compound.’
    • ‘We have the best tanks in the world and the best armored personnel carriers and artillery pieces.’
    • ‘The footage shows Miller, Shah and their translator tentatively walking towards two Israeli army armoured personnel carriers 100 yards from the house.’
    • ‘Hundreds of troops, many in armored personnel carriers, set up roadblocks at entrances to central Beirut, turning back flag-waving teenagers, reducing traffic to a trickle, and making the city appear as if it were under siege.’
    • ‘They complain that they have received almost no spare parts to repair damaged tanks and armored personnel carriers - what the military calls Class IX supplies - since they left Kuwait on March 22.’


armoured personnel carrier