Definition of armoire in English:



  • A cupboard or wardrobe, typically one that is ornate or antique.

    • ‘You'll need a coffee table, dresser, armoire, and small couch.’
    • ‘Opposite the dining area, the great-room encourages lots of living with comfortable seating, an armoire filled with electronics, and a child's table.’
    • ‘Storage: dining-room storage tends to come in the form of dressers, tall cupboards or armoires, and sideboards.’
    • ‘We picked up everything we could ever possibly need, matching armoires for the bedroom, a large oak dresser, tables and chairs among other things.’
    • ‘After she had eaten, she rummaged around the room just long enough to find that there were eight chairs, two fairly good-sized tables, three desks, a bed, a bassinet, six footstools, and two armoires in the room.’
    • ‘Hang your coat in the handcrafted armoire before stretching out on the four-poster with feather bed and comforter.’
    • ‘The wood furniture was a light color of brown, and there were two armoires, and one large dresser in front, with a large mirror above.’
    • ‘I guess rich people had beautiful hand-carved armoires so they didn't need closets.’
    • ‘She went back into the room and noticed what looked like an armoire, with a chair next to it.’
    • ‘Ready-made pantries are available in almost any size and shape, from narrow cabinets to elegant armoires that have been converted for kitchen storage.’
    • ‘Painted armoires provide a practical alternative to a traditional chest of drawers and can be used to store clothing as well as books, magazines, computer software and videotapes.’
    • ‘He had wandered over to the armoire and pulled the doors open, discovering a large flat-panel television display and another more mysterious device.’
    • ‘She showed him the various outfits and stuff as she put them away carefully in the armoire and dresser.’
    • ‘Beside the window seat on one side was an armoire, and on the other was a chest of drawers.’
    • ‘She'd pulled a quilt out of the armoire and wrapped herself in it, pulling the rocking chair around so she could see outside.’
    • ‘A bamboo armoire, teak table, and Indian throw fill out the space.’
    • ‘Shapely cabriole legs replaced straight ones on chairs, clocks, and case pieces - armoires, bookcases, and writing desks that were designed as storage.’
    • ‘When she returned to her chambers, Sonora was sitting on the lounge chair next to her armoire, gazing at a large velvet covered box that sat on her lap.’
    • ‘The room behind was a bedroom, bare save for a chest of drawers and an armoire, both empty, and a bed, the mattress rolled up and tied, the ropework of the bed frame exposed.’
    • ‘A self-taught woodworker, Rick built a workshop in a new garage/shed and retreats there to build reproduction antique furniture that decorates nearly every room of the house - armoires, corner cabinets, shelves, and chests.’


Late 16th century: from French, from Old French armarie (see aumbry).