Definition of armlock in English:



  • A method of restraining someone by holding their arm tightly behind their back.

    ‘one of the cops put an armlock on me’
    figurative ‘the prime minister has begun inching out of the pro-European armlock in which he is held’
    • ‘He grabbed her in an armlock, and threatened to rape her.’
    • ‘Yet if you guessed that it is in France that the unions have the tightest armlock on the government, you would not be far wrong.’
    • ‘She said the patterns of bruising on his neck were more consistent with manual strangulation ‘like a hand gripping the neck’, that they were consistent with his neck being compressed by an armlock either from behind or in front.’
    • ‘Instead, after a bow to begin the match, players score points by ‘throwing’ their opponent or by using a hold-down, a choke, or an armlock.’
    • ‘Now Washington is putting an armlock on its former friends in Islamabad.’
    • ‘Last week I speculated on who were the bright sparks that concocted the clauses that gave the chief executive an armlock on these newspaper assets.’
    • ‘As she approached the local railway station at the end of her route, she was struck by somebody from behind, held in an armlock around her throat and dragged off towards nearby dense trees and undergrowth.’
    • ‘This match lasted 13 minutes and ended when Kimura caught Helio Gracie in an armlock, causing Carlos Gracie to throw in the towel, signalling surrender.’
    • ‘An Evening Post journalist was put in an armlock twice by riot police on the same protest.’
    • ‘It's time that he finally lived up to his promise to release farmers from the supermarket armlock by creating an independent watchdog to ensure fair trading practices.’
    • ‘The others were in full agreement, and Pat and John already had me in an armlock, just in case I tried to make a break for it.’
    • ‘This independent research provides the hard evidence that explodes the myth once and for all that supermarkets have farmers in an armlock.’
    • ‘If your opponent is really good at defending the armlock, for example, you may be able to switch to a quick wristlock and get a submission that way.’
    • ‘It is one of the most effective armlocks in judo, and it is consistently the number one winning armlock used in international judo competition.’
    • ‘He drew his hand back to punch me, but I caught his arm and put it in a painful armlock.’
    • ‘By far the most serious allegation concerns one student who, the letter says, was put in an armlock by an officer and taunted with the words ‘Is this hurting yet?’’
    • ‘In the Cadets he won with an inner-leg throw and followed the throw with an armlock for a submission.’
    • ‘And then Biff puts George in an armlock, and Loraine tries to help, but Biff shoves her down, and then George takes charge and defends himself and protects Loraine!’