Definition of armillaria in English:



  • A fungus of a genus that includes the honey fungus, found chiefly in woodland. Its mycelia can grow for a considerable distance, enabling individuals of parasitic species to invade more than one tree.

    Genus Armillaria, family Tricholomataceae, class Hymenomycetes: many species, including A. bulbosa, a single individual of which may span several hectares

    • ‘In stands of all ages, armillaria root disease can kill individual trees or cause large centres of mortality.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a vine with a small and/or unhealthy root system, be it due to shallow soil, drought, root pests such as phylloxera, or diseases such as armillaria root rot, will support only low-vigour growth.’
    • ‘Developing fan-shaped mat of fungal strands caused by armillaria root rot at base of sycamore trunk’
    • ‘That depends on which species of Armillaria we find more commonly here.’
    • ‘Mushrooms of armillaria may develop annually in the fall, during wet periods.’


Modern Latin: from Latin armilla ‘bracelet’ (because of the bracelet-like frill on the fruiting bodies).