Definition of armful in English:



  • 1As much as a person can hold in both arms.

    ‘a shop assistant scuttled into the changing rooms with an armful of clothes’
    • ‘Carrying an unwieldy armful of packages, she turns around at the sound of her name.’
    • ‘I have already returned for a second facial and left with an armful of products.’
    • ‘She suddenly rose and withdrew from a corner an armful of scrolls.’
    • ‘Included in this armful are about 150 stunning Gerber daisies.’
    • ‘Just remember this the next time you stroll down the street innocently swinging an armful of shopping.’
    • ‘The manager is appealing for coffee drinkers to help identify a teenager who helped himself to an armful of t-shirts without paying.’
    • ‘Another staffer wanders across the floor with an armful of cardboard signs, haphazardly handing them out to delegates.’
    • ‘It's better to show up with an armful of sunflowers.’
    • ‘She came out of her cottage, carrying an armful of quilts.’
    • ‘The student who chatted with me wore Ray-Bans and carried an armful of computer disks.’
    1. 1.1often armfuls A large quantity.
      ‘most of us will end up with armfuls of stuff we do not need’
      • ‘I received an armful of email from other PC users who have found that modern 3.5 inch floppy disks are just rubbish.’
      • ‘It became last year's most decorated film after winning an armful of Australian Film Institute awards.’
      • ‘He returned from the championships with an armful of medals.’
      • ‘Inside was an Xbox, complete with an armful of games.’
      • ‘If any pop star has ever presented a picture of genuine humility, it was she, with her armful of Grammys.’
      • ‘We both came along with an armful of grievances about the other.’
      • ‘He's worked through an armful of issues in the Pentagon, and he's helped welcome home troops in Minnesota.’
      • ‘This movie is an armful of horror ambience wrapped around a toothpick plot.’
      • ‘His presence here can be evinced in a handful of amusing gag bits, and an armful of the unamusing kind.’
      • ‘Even those stalwarts who have remained single for half a lifetime will be carrying armfuls of ingrained habits and cherished routines.’