Definition of armed camp in English:

armed camp


  • A town, territory, or group of people fully armed for war.

    ‘the city is split into armed camps’
    • ‘As part of the ongoing war against the separatist LTTE, the Sri Lankan military and police have turned Colombo into an armed camp.’
    • ‘Then we spent a freezing, uneasy night in a UN jeep, stuck in a town that was little more than an armed camp.’
    • ‘Our airports are armed camps patrolled by soldiers in camouflaged uniforms.’
    • ‘France, Russia, and Britain responded with the Triple Entente, thus dividing Europe into two armed camps.’
    • ‘Jakarta was turned into an armed camp as huge protests gathered around the assembly building demanding an end to the political role of the military, the trial of Suharto and genuine democratic reforms.’
    • ‘By 1863, the Civil War had bitterly divided the nation into two armed camps.’
    • ‘The bi-polar division of the world into two great armed camps competing for global domination was over.’
    • ‘Europe might have been an armed camp divided by the Iron Curtain but at least cold war never became hot war and after the fall of communism in 1989, the transition was relatively peaceful.’
    • ‘Now the city has been inundated with troops, federal agents and cops of all descriptions, turning it into one of the most heavily armed camps on the face of the globe.’
    • ‘Europe was divided into two armed camps: the Entente Powers and the Central Powers, and their populations began to see war not merely as inevitable but even welcome.’
    • ‘By the time of the outbreak of World War One in August 1914 (and the suspension of the Home Rule Bill until war was over) two armed camps had developed in Ireland.’
    • ‘So the places where the Olympic events are held are going to be armed camps.’
    • ‘Each team in the tournament will train at hotels, resorts, or sports complexes that will resemble armed camps.’
    • ‘For a day the charming town of Weimar was turned into an armed camp.’
    • ‘We would not always be in a world, separated into two armed camps led by the Soviet Union and the United States.’
    • ‘Since then, the security measures around federal buildings, which increasingly resemble armed camps, have not been matched by the piecemeal improvements in national security.’
    • ‘The spread of communism prompted the USA to maintain the global presence it had adopted during the war in collaboration with western European allies, and the world became divided into two heavily armed camps.’
    • ‘An informal boundary line has been drawn between these armed camps.’
    • ‘Christians and Muslims have divided Ambon into armed camps.’
    • ‘In late 1854, self-employed miners and prospectors in the Victorian town of Ballarat rebelled against the government and set up an armed camp named the Eureka Stockade.’