Definition of arm-wrestle in English:



  • See arm-wrestling

    • ‘However, when Ueshiba Sensei arm-wrestled with him he had no trouble beating Yukawa.’
    • ‘He only asks that I sit directly opposite him across a table, as if we were about to play chess or arm-wrestle.’
    • ‘It is a sad result of our more formal, academic educational processes that human imagination has been arm-wrestled to the ground, and conquered by force, yet again.’
    • ‘You can't pull your gun, no Mace - why don't we just arm-wrestle to see if you go to jail?’
    • ‘Matt and Seth condescended to stop arm-wrestling and sat either side of me as the theme music to Six Feet Under began playing on the TV.’
    • ‘Two women are arm-wrestling under the supportive cheers of a mostly male crowd.’
    • ‘He tells me he has had this idea about getting Brian Kilcline to arm-wrestle footballers.’
    • ‘She sized me up as if we were about to arm-wrestle.’
    • ‘JPA has always been good at garnering these voters, but he's always had to arm-wrestle with Winston for them, and 2005 is no exception.’
    • ‘The only way into those computers, then, is to arm-wrestle my personal trainer during business hours and get physical access to the machine.’
    • ‘Some of the mothers even came to the Black Lantern and drank with us, they arm-wrestled and hollered and broke bottles for emphasis when making speeches.’
    • ‘He once arm-wrestled another CEO to determine who got to use an advertising slogan.’
    • ‘This school is in the Los Angeles basin, the epicenter of Southern Californian car culture, the etymological origin of the term ‘smog,’ and a metroplex that arm-wrestles Houston every year for the crown of the most polluted city in the USA.’
    • ‘The diminutive player was so fed up with his nickname, The Mosquito, that he wanted to prove his strength by showing off his chest and offering to arm-wrestle passers-by.’
    • ‘I got a tray of shots from the bar and then I arm-wrestled the other one, Louis.’
    • ‘Brown knows that well and is doing all he can to conjure up the ‘public clamour’ he needs to arm-wrestle his international counterparts into agreements.’
    • ‘My wrist had swollen to twice its natural size and hurt like I'd arm-wrestled with The Great Spirit itself, and lost in a very big way - a very painful big way.’
    • ‘Sometimes, he lets his assistants arm-wrestle each other.’
    • ‘To engage in discussion with him under such premises is like starting to arm-wrestle with one's fist an inch above the table.’
    • ‘Their competitive nature surfaces only when asked to arm-wrestle for the benefit of the photographer, with Rory growling: ‘I'll have you.’’