Definition of arm-twisting in English:



mass nouninformal
  • The action of pressurizing someone into doing something they are unwilling do do.

    ‘a day of arm-twisting by government whips’
    • ‘Discreet arm-twisting by President Clinton to encourage an increase in production may provide a short term solution, but with winter approaching in the rich northern countries, demand is unlikely to fall.’
    • ‘It took a lot of arm-twisting for me to be persuaded to publish the script in Dream Country, which I agreed to mostly because I'd wanted so much as a young writer to see what a comics script looked like.’
    • ‘Any arm-twisting or gentle persuasion presumably took place in corridor huddles or late-night conversations.’
    • ‘There were reports of intense political arm-twisting in the corridors of Westminster, with some MPs complaining that ministers were warning potential rebels that they could bring down the Government.’
    • ‘Paul Brown Stadium opened in 2000 after years of friendly persuasion and arm-twisting.’
    • ‘With all the political arm-twisting over climate change going on before G8 begins, the BBC as usual missed the real story this morning.’
    • ‘Two of the team were caught and plead guilty to manslaughter, but due to arm-twisting by the French, the government was forced to transfer them to French custody.’
    • ‘Ultimately, despite aggressive administration and business arm-twisting, both houses of Congress voted to block the new rule.’
    • ‘Expect a little more arm-twisting from the government, and an eventual approval of the resolution.’
    • ‘No amount of arm-twisting or cajoling could change that political reality.’